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In Microsoft Word:

  1. Under the "Insert" tab (the second tab in the main tool bar, after “Home”), click on "Header," and select "Blank."
  2. This will create a header and open up a new tab on the far right side of the tool bar entitled Header & Footer, which will be highlighted in green.
  3. Under the Header & Footer Tools Design Tab, check the box for Different First Page. Type in your first page header.
    1. Example: "Running Head: TITLE OF YOUR PAPER"
    2. If you do not see the box for Different First Page, click on the box that says Options, and the checkbox will appear.                                                                                                                           
  4. Press tab twice to move the cursor to the right-hand side of the header.
  5. Go to the Insert tab and click on Page Number.
  6. Select Current Position, and then Plain Number.
  7. Double click on the document page to exit the header.
  8. Go to the second page of your paper (or create a new page by hitting CTRL + Enter).
  9. Open up the header on the second page (double click on the header).
  10. Type in the title of your paper.
  11. Close out of the Header.

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